8 Warning Signs Your Dog Is in Pain You Should Never Ignore

8 Warning Signs Your Dog Is in Pain You Should Never Ignore

Dogs are probably the most resilient creatures on this planet. They try to not be bothered by small cuts or bruises. Since they cannot speak, it is difficult to understand whether your dog is in pain because of an injury or any other underlying cause. As dog parents or guardians we are always worried about the well-being of our pups.

I am currently taking care of an Indian pariah dog (named Jony) who lives in my colony. The first night I found Jony, he was wailing in pain (I am guessing he was in a fight with other dogs). He could barely get up, He would not have lasted beyond a few days if I did not tend to his pain immediately, He had a huge swelling on his right thigh and would cry if he had to move it even an inch. His leg is better now however, he still has a severe limp. I am hoping with regular care and massage he will be back to his former self soon.

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So let’s us coming back to the topic at hand, how to identify if your beloved dog is in pain?


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