Can Make You Unrealistic Expectations Unhappy

Can Make You Unrealistic Expectations Unhappy

Your expectations shape your reality.

aving realistic expectations about life, career and relationships put your mind at ease. It allows you to aim for the very best without being personal about the outcome or the results.

Remember what Epictetus once said, “Who then is invincible?
The one who cannot be upset by anything outside their reasoned choice.“

For a more happy life, let go of black/white outcomes – a common mental error that can distort your perception of reality. When you are trapped dichotomous thinking, everything becomes “this or that”. You fixate on how things ‘should be’ or ‘must be’.

Don’t force your expectations.

Much of life’s pain stems from the gap between expectations and reality. If you can balance what you think should happen and the reality of life, you can limit your frustrations in life.

Managing expectations take time. As you start living past your disappointments, remember, it’s only temporary.


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