6 Warning Signs of Breast Cancer Ignored by 90% of Women

6 Warning Signs of Breast Cancer Ignored by 90% of Women

According to what the organization Inspira Health Network said- It’s normal for a person’s breasts to change during her lifetime. They can change the size, feel different in texture, and be a source of pain or tenderness, especially during breastfeeding and menopause. And while most of these changes are caused by things other than cancer, it’s still important for people to be informed about breast cancer warning signs and screenings so they can catch breast cancer in its early stages.

Dotimz did a search and found the early signs of breast cancer you should never ever ignore.

1. Nipple discharge.

Nipple discharge refers to fluid leaks from the nipples of the breast- Discharge can be produced by one or both breasts, either when you squeeze your breasts or without squeezing. The color of the discharge can be milky, bloody, brown, green, yellow, or it may be clear. The consistency of nipple discharge varies from watery, thin, sticky, or thick.

Besides that, nipple discharge could be a sign of breast cancer. But sometimes it may not be. So you should go to the specialist doctor to make sure.


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