Top 5 Muscle Building Workouts You Should Be Doing

When it comes to muscle building and getting leaner and bigger, not all exercises are created equally, and some have the ability to help you make a faster progress than others.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the large number of different exercises and workout techniques that people suggest you all the time? If that is the case, you have come to the right place.

Here are the top 5 muscle building workouts for those who are trying to increase muscle size and get stronger. If you can do only a few exercises, make sure to do these exercises.

These exercises I’m about to list besides the fact that they build muscle better than any other exercise, they are compound movements, they are hard to do, they release muscle building hormones and they burn a lot of calories.

1. Dead Lifts

Deadlift is such an incredible movement when done correctly and one of the best compound movements that target multiple muscle groups in a single lift. But why should you be doing deadlifts?

Deadlifts improve your strength

Deadlift training generates huge improvements in strength and stability. It works more muscles than any other exercise. If you need to do one exercise, this is the one to do to build a killer strength to make you feel like a badass.

Deadlifts help to prevent injury

Deadlifts help to prevent injury by increasing the strength of your muscles. It can also be beneficial for reducing low-back pain in some cases, just don’t jump into too heavy weights and watch your posture.

Deadlifts help to build more muscle mass

Deadlifts are a fantastic exercise for muscle building and improving overall strength. It’a compound movement that works all of the major muscles in the body.

2. Squats

Squats are one of the most important workouts for both men and women. They are not just for legs, they benefit the whole body in different ways.

Squats help build muscle

Squats help to build your leg muscle and help build toned legs, but they also create an anabolic environment in the body.

Squats help build a strong core and enhanced musculature on your legs which can also improve your posture and flexibility

Squats help strengthen your lungs and heart

The effort required to squat helps strengthen your lungs and heart and improve your sports performance.

Get rid of fat

If you’re trying to lose some weight, compound movements such squats are incredible fat burners. Because they can help you build muscle mass, they will help you get rid of fat.

3. The Bench Press

Unlike squats and deadlifts, people aren’t as scared of the bench press. The bench press is such a popular move because of its ability take help you make progress on how strong you are and maximize muscle mass in three major muscle groups: the chest, the front shoulders and the triceps.

The main muscles involved are the chest, shoulder, and triceps muscle groups. The bench press is like the squat for the chest, this is hands down the best muscle building exercise for the chest.

The bench press also is a fantastic exercise for increasing muscle growth and one of the most effective upper body muscle mass builders out there.

When doing barbell bench press it’s recommended to get someone to spot you just in case you fail and cannot lift the bar, and try to use free weights instead of machine bench press because it activates more muscle groups.

4. The Overhead Press

The overhead press is full body, compound exercise. The compound exercise uses the deltoids, along with the arms and core to press a heavy weight up and overhead while your legs, lower back, and abs balance you. The overhead press is one of the most effective compound exercises to build strong and muscular shoulders.

The overhead press is safe for your shoulders if you use a proper form. The proper form is critical in the safe execution of the overhead press and also to avoid injury and hurting your shoulders.

Here’s how to overhead press with the right form:

  • Stand with the bar on your front shoulders, and your hands next to your shoulders.
  • Inhale and press the bar straight up. Avoid allowing it to waver too far forward or back.
  • Lock your elbows at the top, and shrug your shoulders before slowly lowering the weight back down to your chest.

You will press less weight than you do in a squat, deadlift or bench press because it uses small muscles. To avoid shoulder pain, overhead press with a narrow grip. Then shrug your shoulders at the top. Press the weight over your headlock your elbows and shrug your shoulders towards the ceiling.

5. Pull-Ups

Pull-ups are one of the best exercises you could ever do, for good reasons. A pull-up is a compound movement that involves a large number of big and small muscles that will help you get that V-shape torso that everybody wants.

My favorite part about pull-up is that they are one of the most convenient exercises that you can do. All that you need is a solid bar and your own 2 arms. Pull-up works out almost every muscle in your upper body, the main muscles worked are your upper back, biceps, shoulders, traps, and forearms.

Keep in mind that the wider the grip, the hardest the pull-up will be and focus on getting your grip right. When you hold the bar right, you will get fewer calluses.

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